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Digilooms Life Scripts and TimeCapsule

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

What is your Story? Here at Digilooms, we believe that everyone has a story to tell. Our experience with our own families made us realise that despite all of today’s technology, most of us neglect to capture memories in a structured or curated manner. We have lots of old photos and even some film reel where we don’t know the background or who all the people were. I hate not knowing which relative the lovely old guy, with the pipe, beard and Mariner’s hat is. And what was his story? I used to look at him when I was a kid and wonder where he’d been in the world and what he had done. Sadly, there was no one alive to tell me.

Technology Camera’s were invented in the early to mid 1800’s and Eastman’s first Kodak camera was offered for sale in 1888. The first digital video camera was 1995. We sure have come a long long way since then.

Today, most of us have fantastic camera facilities on our phones and we have access to a variety of inexpensive storage. (Remember when you kept your old slides and photographs in a box in the loft?) Perhaps you are not as old as me.

A Life Story or Life Script? Anyway, here at Digilooms, we recognised that we could make it even easier for people to shoot their own legacy and save it for their loved ones to enjoy and to share with their children. Well here is the thing. We say that everyone has a book in them, and a story to tell. And while this is likely true, writing a book or even making a movie is not so easy to do. It takes time and energy and perhaps some talent to do it well. And who is to say that your Life Story is going to end up looking the best it could. Long projects run the risk of being abandoned and left unfinished. Now scripts are something else.

Digilooms Life Scripts Digilooms Life Scripts, are short, punchy, exciting and easy to deliver. Our App leads you through a process that allows you to capture as much or as little of your life as you like. You share what you want, with who you want. We give you all the help you need to produce a collection of video clips that make up a beautiful legacy story. And we make it easy for you to store your creation and keep it secure to be passed to the people you choose.

Whats in a Name? Digilooms is a combination of Digital and Heirlooms. It’s easy to remember and easy to type. We think it’s kind of catchy. But more importantly, it reflects our commitment to connecting the past, present and future much better. One of our unique features is the ability to attach a photo to your Video Clip. So, imagine, a photo of stamps in your passport alongside your video about your days sailing adventures. Or even a simply grocery shopping receipt will be interesting in one or two generations.

TimeCapsule Everything you create, curate or save at Digilooms can be included in a Digital TimeCapsule. A collection of your life's special memories created and curated by you, to be passed to your loved ones at a time of your choosing. At Digilooms we believe we owe it to our descendants to leave them this Digital TimeCapsule, a treasure trove of information that brings their ancestors to life.

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