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Get your best side in focus.

The best way to record a video to add to one of your LifeScripts in your Digilooms TimeCapsule. Your Video Camera

If you are using the Digilooms App, then it is likely that you will be on an Iphone or Android, with the choice of normal shooting, using 'Normal', 'Questions' or 'Teleprompt'. Now you might also choose to make it less of a selfie and more direct by using the front camera, which is generally better quality than the back camera, but not so much, as to want to lose the advantages of seeing the screen and the prompts. Back (Selfie) camera is great quality in any case. Below you will find some great tips on how to take a good selfie video by using these video shooting basics:

1. Shoot with Camera on a Stand. Avoid shaky hands, unless you are walking or playing outside, then some amount of movement is acceptable. (Although you could always get a Gimbal) otherwise always shoot from a stand. 2. Shoot with camera vertically. This is the best way to see the Digilooms functions while you are shooting. And the best way for a great head and shoulders selfie video. You'd probably want to shoot horizontally, where a wider perspective was required, such as a group of people. 3. Distance The ideal distance between you and the camera is between two and three feet. The further away the quieter the sound, this is especially true of outside. Too close and your face and expressions are distorted. You can of course get a small microphone. 4. Maintain Eye Contact. In this case, maintaining eye-contact with your viewer, means focussing on the small camera hole at the top of the smart phone. Try not to get distracted. Your viewer is looking out at you from that little hole. You need to look back at them. 5. Prepare the words Plan what you are going to say, and practice 6. Get lighting correct. Make sure there is plenty of light on your face 7. Have a great background. Make sure your background is free from clutter and distractions. A tidy book shelf would be fine, but a basket of ironing is not going to be attractive. 8. Manage your noise. No point to take the perfect shot and find out later it has lots of background noise of pets or children for example. Note: You can buy inexpensive lavalier microphones that plug into your phone. 9. Shoot at Eye Level Place the camera or your seat at the right height to give you eye level. Looking down or up towards the camera distort the head, face and neck, and make eye contact harder. 10. Frame the photo Frame yourself in the middle of the screen, and avoid too much 'headroom' above your head.
11. Smile Don't forget to smile. Feel the smile inside, don't start with a fake 'cheese' smile. Relax and feel good about the process. 12. Preferred Clothes You will alway look better with long sleeves and a collar. The camera prefers solid colours as oppose to patterns. White is not the best look. Better to use pastels or jewel tones.
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