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Revolutionising the way we manage our Digital Legacies

Your 'Digital Footprint' is the information trail that you lay as a result of your online activity. Every website, online transaction, email, message, phone call or post that you make leaves behind a trail, like your fancy sports shoe in the mud of a forest path. Let's face it. We are probably tracked more on line than offline, although we shouldn't discount the amount of tracking that can be done through Wifi, GPS and even Bluetooth.

Your 'Digital Legacy' is two things, it is the almost unavoidable 'Digital Footprint' that remains after you pass. And it is the 'Digital Assets' that you have accumulated on your journey. 'Digital Assets' falls into two or more categories. You have 'Personal Digital Assets', usually connected to memories or life experiences. They may have little financial value, but huge intrinsic or personal value. Sentimental value is a powerful measure of some of our best media and precious moments. 'Personal Digital Assets' might include, photos, videos, music, intellectual property, music scores, digitalised art or even details of heirlooms. 'Financial Digital Assets' are these assets that you may have invested in during your life, that generally have a financial value. This could include, Crowdfunding Shares, Online Bank Accounts, Crypto Currency, Domain Names, Bonds, Investments, Trusts and Affiliate Accounts and much more. Note: There may be an overlap between these Digital Assets, some personal stuff may have financial value Since the 1970's peoples' Digital Legacy has gotten more complex, bigger and harder to manage. It's no longer a box of old photographs from the attic and a portfolio of shares from the old bureau. The ‘Global Digital Asset Management’ definition is essentially, ‘A Vault containing all of the Digital Asset solutions for distribution and utilisation. It stores assets securely and controls access rights’. This business is commercial, covering a wide variety of industries and has a forecast value of over 11 billion. It has applications to Enterprise, Sales, IT, Marketing, Broadcasting, Photography and Design. You can see it in operation across the following verticals for example, Media and Entertainment, Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Tourism and IT and telecoms. In fact, all businesses are affected one way or another. There is no doubt about the growth and importance of this industry. And the effect that Commercial DAM has on INDIVIDUAL Digital Asset Management. What Digilooms are offering is a simple Digital Asset Management solution. Effectively a ‘Front End’ to the plethora of digital assets that individuals own.

The Market for individual Digital Asset Management is only going to grow, with increasing offers and more of us participating or owning Digital Assets. Until now, individuals have been largely ignored by the larger commercial players in DAM. So whether it's personal photographs and associated memories, or online financial assets, Digilooms will help you protect and maintain these personal legacies for your loved ones. SLIDE 1 The Unacceptable and Growing Risk

  • Digital Assets are a new asset class

  • Digital is an expanding estate

  • People have multiple ‘storage’ facilities

  • Passwords and Authentication processes add complexity

  • There is lack of awareness and knowledge of digital assets responsibilities and rights

  • People avoid and postpone the ‘Death’ conversation

  • Digital includes, photos, memberships, Blogs, Crypto, Investments, Bonds, Intellectual Property, Domain names and much more.

SLIDE 2 The Legacy Opportunity

  • People generally want to be prepared

  • They want to leave loved ones with all the assets

  • The don’t want to leave an administrative burden for family

  • They look at the past and want to leave something for the future

  • Dying intestate and leaving monies to Government is a particularly unattractive proposition

  • There can be a humour as well as pathos in death. People prefer to ‘smile from the grave’

  • They want to leave their family with dignity and with messages of love

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