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It's a long time since I read 'The Power of Now' by Eckhardt Tolle. But I was in agreement with him that the present was continuously dissolving into the past. Yesterday, no longer exists. The future isn't here yet, and all we have is the now. That beautiful zen like state where we need nothing, worry about nothing and live in this glorious moment. This is not to disrespect, history and historians, and the lessons we can learn from the past. But sometimes just knowing that your mistakes, failures and embarrassments are gone almost the moment you make them, means you don't need to beat yourself up about something. The other problem I have with history is it is rarely the absolute truth. There are always different stories and interpretations about what happened and why. When I was younger, I'd read a poem, and try to feel what the poet was feeling, rather than read a history book. I am however, very curious about lots of things that reach into the past and out to the future. The Universe and Time being the most obvious ones, but I may include sociology, geology, evolution, and so on. I am interested in ancestors and descendants, DNA, and the development of the human species. But the thing that reaches past and present that I think most of us are immensely curious about, is family. We are constantly considering the future of our children and grandchildren. And there is an age where we all reach where we want to know more about our ancestors. And we have always known that we are on the same timeline and hope perhaps that our descendants will think of us kindly. I am confident that the technology that we have today will allow our descendants to know us much better than we ever could know our ancestors. But first we have to tell our stories. Much like the old stories, passed generation to generation round a tribal campfire and immortalised in song, but we have technology to make this so much more. I started Digilooms to encourage people to tell their stories. Their family will want to hear them and refer to them in the future. Digilooms turns barely recalled memories into a beautifully rich life experience of the character. Everyone who ever lived has a story. Leave your stories before it is too late. Send them into the future with Digilooms TimeCapsule.

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