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The Beauty of Scripts

Why is the Digilooms Time Capsule formulated in Scripts? It's a great question. We took the conscious decision to encourage people to follow a simple format that keeps videos short, entertaining and easy to produce. This is good for the 'Actor' as well as the audience. Today's attention span is about short, sharp, snapshots of life, learning, knowledge and humour. Some might say that millennials have poor attention spans, others might say that they are adapting their focus and attention to the overwhelming amount of information that is available to them. You only have to look at Apps such as Blinkist and Tiktok to see how the younger generations are consuming knowledge. At Digilooms, we wanted to make sure that Life Scripts (Stories) are delivered in consumable pieces. We also recognised that not everyone wants to write or read a full 'Life Story' but most of us want to leave some interesting 'Scripts' that others are curious about.

Hence, the Digilooms Digital TimeCapsule is a container full of 'Life Scripts' destined for different individuals, and each Life Script containing video, photo and descriptive components that are like small 'scene changes' in the over all script.

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