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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Digilooms - Built by Ukrainian Giants

When we set-up Digilooms, we established our Technical Development in Kharkiv, Ukraine. 
Over ten months, we have gotten to know each other.  Working relations became friendships, and with a few visits to Ukraine and attendance at a wedding, and a few city bars, we got to know a little about Ukraine and the people. 

With the illegal invasion by Russia, our App development was completely disrupted.  Of course this is not important in comparison to threats of death or injury, losing homes and family, or simply enduring missiles and shelling overhead and shaking your buildings. 

But the Ukrainian Team have insisted to get back to work after four weeks, and after their relocations to various parts of Ukraine as Kharkiv came under serious fire.   

This is impressive, it's hard enough to those of us living in safe countries to focus on the development work inside Ukraine, never mind the young developers and coders who have friends, family and country under such threats and horrors as we have seen. 

The fortitude and resilience of the Ukrainian people, generally, has been amazing. They have astounded the world with their unity and determination against the Russian aggression.  

No one knows how this conflict will go, but one things for sure, Russia will never take this country.  Too much water has gone under the bridge. People will not forgive or forget this meaningless and brutal aggression, nor the atrocities that are definitely war crimes and may well be a precursor of attempted genocide.  

Today, the 'Ukrainian Brand' is stronger than ever.  It was a country slowly working towards a prosperous democracy.  It was a country, trying hard to improve their economy, politics and security. 

Today, this might seem further away than before.  And there is some distance to go before they can start to rebuild. 

Tomorrow, however, Ukraine is assured a strong place in the world. They will rebuild with the help of others.  They will find peace and prosperity, before some other nations. 

Ukraine is a giant in the world today, a warrior and a country who understand the values of family, courage, and brotherhood.

The Digilooms Tech Team; ordinary people with the stature of giants. 

They deserve and with our help, will find, peace and security in the future.        

Love Ukraine
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