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The Team

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Eric Mclean

CEO and Founder

'Old Man' of the team, the sea and time travel.  Fascinated by ancestors and descendants.  


Bob Crilley

Customer Relations Manager

'Bob the dog' - If Bob ain't happy, nobody is happy.  Universal Customer Champion and Problem Solver 


Alice Pescarin

Artistic Director

Funky Italian designer with an enormous heart and a wealth of creative ideas. 



Company Mascot

Chalky is Digilooms company mascot and an advocate of unforgettable memories that cannot be erased. 


Giles Cunningham

Executive Advisor / Investor 

Experienced Bank CEO, Investor and deep thinker around families, digital assets and legacies. 


Amanda Paul

Digital Marketing Manager

Cool, chilled out mum, with some of the most innovative ideas around family life, and Digital Marketing.


Natalia Chudakova

People and Admin Manager

Tough Russian lady with a generous warm personality.  Melts icebergs and charms polar bears.

Digilooms Boffins & Tech Wizards

The Full Story

of Digilooms

Some friends got together and wondered... 

How do you effectively manage all of the Digital Assets that you’ve accumulated over the years, ranging from family photos, to home videos, to cash, shares, to intellectual property and old family documents?  

How will you ensure that these assets are easily accessible to the people that you want to have them? How will you ensure that your Digital Legacy is properly curated and explained? 

Digilooms was founded to provide you with a Digital Time Capsule that makes it easy to create and share your precious digital legacy.

And when it’s time to leave your Digital Legacy to your loved ones, we make it easy to have all your digital affairs in order and your express wishes known.

Digilooms TimeCapsule is scheduled for Beta launch in December 2021

Digilooms Asset Management looks after all your Digital Assets of a more direct financial value. 
Digilooms Asset Management is scheduled for launch in the middle of 2022    


Our Mission
Digilooms are in the business of helping people create and curate their Digital memories for loved ones. 


Our Purpose
We want to transform society through strengthening family ties across generations


Our Vision
We want to be recognised as the best place to trust with your Digital Legacies


Our Objective
Make Digilooms App a household name in Digital Memories by making Digital Time Capsules something for all families to treasure

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