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What is a Digital Time Capsule and do I need one?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The traditional Time Capsule is typically an airtight container that is filled with objects representative of the present, and buried in the ground to be discovered in the future. The concept is that you are capturing a piece of time, the present, and sending it off into the future. It's a romantic idea. It makes us think about time, the past and the future. It helps us feel that the future is a reality. A Time Capsule goes where we can only dream to go. If we choose the right content, we might reveal some of our culture. The right content can be a live history lesson and a gift to the future. A time capsule is about history, tradition, preservation, change and perhaps on a more sombre note, man's mortality and the inevitable passing of time. So, what then is a Digital Time Capsule? And how is it different? We are all aware of the 'Digital Age' that started in the 1970's with Personal Computers, and since then has given us the ability to produce, transfer and store, increasingly bigger volumes of information quickly and easily. The 'Digital Age' has taken us from LPs to MP3, from Floppy Drives to SSD cards, books to Kindle and Videos to Netflix. It brought us Google, Amazon, FaceBook, Iphone, AirBNB and Uber to name a few. In this 'Digital Age', everyone generates huge amounts of data, including personal media, photos and videos. The problem is we are overloaded with media. And unless you are a meticulously organised person, it is likely that your phone and laptop are both stuffed with enormous amounts of disorganised media. Or at least, different qualities of media. Have you ever tried to find one of your favourite, in-focus, valuable photographs to send to someone? We have all these lovely memories (one form of Digital Assets) and they are as disorganised as that big old box of photos in the attic used to be. The very technology that gives us the power to generate and store large amounts of valuable (and not so valuable) digital media, is causing a different problem. How to manage your most precious memories out of all your Digital Assets. Digilooms recognise that there are a few problems with managing Digital Assets that could be solved with the Digital equivalent of a TimeCapsule. Voila, the Digilooms Digital TimeCapsule. A Digital TimeCapsule allows you to store (bury) your Digital Assets for the future much like the traditional TimeCapsule. But it also allows you to Create new memories, Curate existing memories, Save Heirloom records and store and protect these precious assets for the future. Better yet, you can choose when your Digital TimeCapsule would release these memories for your intended recipients.

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