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Do you have an interesting Life Story?

There is an old saying, 'Everyone has a book in them', meaning that we all have at least one life story to tell. Is this true? Do we all have a decent story to tell? At Digilooms, we happen to think it's true. Most people have led a life full of special moments, memories, anecdotes, successes, failures and precious wisdom and learning. At Digilooms, we believe that everyone who has lived for more than four decades, has something to share with future generations, especially family. Passing our life stories on through generations, is as old as the stone age. We love to hear our own family stories and we love to hear others' life stories. It's no surprise that autobiographies are one of the most popular forms of literature. The problem about getting our own interesting story out, is that not all of us have the talent, confidence, time or dedication to put our stories onto paper. And today's busy life style seems to afford us less time to 'sit around the fire' and pass our stories to the next generation. In truth, the 'sitting around the fire' technique was a bit hit and miss. While it might have been engaging, connecting, fun and part of family bonding; stories would get lost, exaggerated or confused. Even when things are recorded in writing, Historians spend a lot of time unravelling fact from fiction. The reason that autobiographies are mainly written by famous, well known or successful people, is that we imagine that their lives are more interesting and we are going to learn their secrets. The book market will always be bigger for a well known celebrity. But technology, the internet, social media and the digital evolution has meant that more and more 'ordinary' people are able to blog, vlog and share something interesting. There has been a huge trend over the past two decades towards truth, real people and real stories. Hence, the explosion of reality TV, social media and popular non-fiction. So, if you are the kind of person who looks back over your life and imagines that it is generally not interesting for others, then you are wrong. Increasingly, the new generations are more interested in where they came from, and that includes understanding their ancestors. When you look hard enough at your own life, you will identify a narrative. It may be about challenges, choices made, consequences, redemption, change, sacrifice, or closure. It will naturally have a beginning, middle and an end (although the end may not be finished) Don't be too critical or hard on yourself. Don't be negative or harsh regarding your life. Instead, congratulate yourself. You got here, you survived, you learned, you laughed and you lived. Your Life Story deserves to be captured.

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