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Give your Family the Greatest Gift ever

Life is a truly wonderful thing. And by definition, life comes from your family (Mother and Father) and you pass this gift on to your own family. As you read this, perhaps reflect that the odds against you being here are astronomical. You and your family are among the Universe's lottery winners. From Space and Time, and the huge intricacies of the Universe's formation, and the eventual evolution of a suitable planet for life. (Gravity, Physics, Energy, Light, SpaceTime and Chemistry all playing their part) From evolutionary paths and branches of the different species of life, it might be argued that Man is lucky to have emerged. Ever heard of the Pikaia. Possibly, the source creature of all vertebrate life forms. (Not to be mistaken for the herbivore mouse like creature (Pika) found around the globe. Or that yellow character (Pikachu) from Pokemon) Or perhaps you already read about Luca, the joint ancestor of bacteria and archaea, and as the acronym tells us, the Last Universal Common Ancestor. From these organisms, to the emergence of man, the evolutionary journey has been fraught with danger and no certainty or guarantee that man would emerge. And since man emerged, 300,000 years ago, imagine the risks to each generation, and to the unbroken continuum of each family, from illness, disease, accident, hardship, natural disasters or other human deficiency that impacted longevity or the ability to procreate. Finally, the 'simple' human process of finding a mate, engaging in the reproductive act, and the specific sperm reaching a healthy egg. There is no doubt that everyone alive today, is here against all odds and extremely fortunate to have been born. And it is all down to the success of your ancestors and the human species as a whole. And each generation bears the responsibility for the continuation or not of the family lineage. Family eh? It's all about life. For sure, life brings pain and joy, it makes us laugh and cry sometimes. It can be the foundation of failure or success, trials and tribulations, love and hate and all the other human conditions that we know so well. But although Family can sometimes be the most frustrating thing ever, it is all we have. Family bonds and love has brought us here. And for now, family is the only thing that can take the Human species into the future. You already gave your family the greatest gift ever. Life itself. What else can you give them that will be invaluable, sentimental, useful and helpful for their ongoing life journey? Digilooms makes it possible to leave a beautiful Digital Legacy to your loved ones. Life Scripts and memories that can contain all of your messages, love, best wishes, wisdom and learning can be generated to be available to who you want when you want. Remember the age where you started to think about family and the importance of each generation? You never know when your own Grandchildren or Great Grandchildren will suddenly realise that they want to know more about you and the past. Understanding the past can help us grow, spiritually, physically and mentally.

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