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What Makes a Great Life Story?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

There is a simple answer to the question, 'What makes a great Life Story?' A Life Story should be like any other literary endeavour; it should have a beginning, middle and an end. It should have a hero or character (you) and lots of interesting challenges, choices and outcomes. To make it great and interesting, it should probably be honest, real and perhaps revealing things people might want to know. This should include personal thoughts, feelings and emotions. Life is lived with passion. If you can recall all the times, places, people and things you were passionate about, then you can add colour to your story. Life stories should be told with pride and positivity, after all, you came this far. Digilooms helps you recall all the precious moments that add up to a total Life-Script. Beautiful questions elicits beautiful memories. Digilooms can help you capture and preserve details of life experiences that add up to a whole story. Here at Digilooms we don't call it a Life Story, we call it a Life Script. Why? Because Scripts are faster, shorter, and usually intended for film. Scripts are normally written in the present tense, with dialogue and some side comments, about the mood and personality of the character. So we adapted Life Scripts to be a collection of short videos, that add up to a Life Story. At Digilooms we know that everyone, given the right opportunity, encouragement and digital assistance has a great life story to tell.

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