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My Son thinks he is a super hero

To be more accurate, my son only thinks he is a super hero, but he knows his Dad is definitely one. Well at least he does today, at seven years of age. To him, I am possibly one of the brightest people in the world. One of the funniest and one of the kindness. Today, I am just a tall enough giant for him to stand on my shoulders and see further.

Of course, this 'Dad as a hero' doesn't last for many years, and already there are glimpses of occasional disdain if Dad does something uncool. Wait until the early teens where he will actively rebel against any father influences or role model. There is a famous saying, erroneously attributed to Mark Twain. One boy told that that when he was fourteen he considered his father an idiot, but by the time he was twenty one, he was surprised how much the old man had learned in seven years. It's normal for children to rebel in their teens. It's nature's practice and preparation for leaving the nest.

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