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Our Customers are thinkers

Digilooms Brand Story – Customer as ‘Hero’

Our customers are men and women who wish to organise their valuable digital memories for immediate or future legacy purposes. Our customers are smart people who have vision of the future.

Digiloomers – Baby Boomers. They may tend to be ‘baby boomers’ who have accumulated lots of digital assets and have reached an age where they have an increased interest in their wider family, past, present and future. In other words, they may well have an interest in ancestors, family of course, and ensuring that their lack of knowledge of some ancestors, is not replicated in the future.

They may well have recognised that the Smart Phone and cheap storage provides tonnes of opportunity for digital memories that they didn’t have in the past. But they will also have realised that memories must be curated. A phone full of random pictures, is not much better than the box of old photos from the attic.

Perhaps, our customers like the idea of being able to leave memories, messages and digital assets, to whom they want, when they want. The value of family memories changes with age. Few twenty-year-olds will have the time, nor the inclination, to appreciate all the stories from Great grandparents.

Our most valuable customers will be those who are tech savvy enough to appreciate the concept of ‘Digital Time Capsule’ and how it will affect families into the future.

The Villain

The real villain in the Digilooms story is the huge amounts of Digital Media that we now generate, which is often meaningless, boring, not curated and not in an easy timeline or digestible story format.

Our customer’s external problem seems to be the saving, organising, and protecting valuable photos and videos for their loved ones to enjoy. And Digilooms can solve this.

But the real internal frustration our customers have, is around the disorganisation and lack of structure in their digital memories.

And our customers believe that today’s technology should solve their frustration, not cause it.

Digilooms Guides

Digilooms enters as a guide and a simple solution. We were started by family orientated people, who are interested in preserving their own family legacies across generations. We are determined to make it easy to create, curate and organise the most memorable digital memories that allows our customers to ‘leave a meaningful legacy’ (and not a box of old photos from the attic)

We help customers see that there is a new way ahead, based on the opportunities that technology affords us, to send memories into the future. And we plan to introduce some very unique services to make the 'leaving of legacy' the rule rather than the exception.

Digilooms Provides a Plan, a Process.

It's a simple process

  1. Download the Digilooms Time Capsule

  2. Use Digilooms Questions to generate great video clips

  3. Create Life Scripts to share with your loved ones

  4. Use Digilooms Curate to organise, curate and save your most treasured memories

  5. Use Digilooms Executor function to make sure your important stories, reach who you want, when you want

The Digilooms Contract

Our promise to our customers, we make it easy for you to:

  1. create new digital legacies

  2. curate the very best of your existing digital memories

  3. record and catalogue your physical heirlooms

  4. leave valuable digital legacies through the Time Capsule

…avoiding the frustration of burgeoning digital assets with no structure or purpose.

Our CTA’s (Call to Action) on our website


· Download our free App without credit card or risk

· Sign-up, become a Digiloomer

· Create or curate a favourite beautiful moment

· Share with the family or save for the future


· Join our mailing list

· Find out more info

· Watch a few Digiloomers Videos

· Go to ‘Digi-Know’ (FAQs)

Customer Avoids Catastrophic Failure

What will our customers avoid?

· Digital memories lost forever

· Things left unsaid or unexplained

· Loved ones who don’t know you well enough, or where they came from

Customer Success Looks Like

· Better organisation of your most treasured moment

· Your digital legacy catalogued and secured

· Your story, ready for your family to enjoy

· A real family heirloom and treasure created, and the start of something great across families and generations

· Future generations with real knowledge of where they came from

Customer Transformation


Someone who is frustrated by the sheer disorganisation of their digital assets

TO: Someone who leaves a fantastic and valuable legacy that spans generations

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