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Who was that old pipe smoking Mariner?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Do you have any old photographs, paintings, or drawings of late family members, and no information to go with them? Do you have any heirlooms, medals, personal jewellery, or other effects, from people in the past you know little about? I do. And it saddens me. Who was that old pipe smoking Mariner hanging in my garage in a masterpiece of brush strokes? I know he is an ancestor, someone in the direct family line. But I don't know his name, never mind which ships and where he sailed to. The one person who could have supplied this information, passed before it was recorded. Our family left it too late; we were always 'too busy' with life. It feels like a hole in my knowledge. And an insult to the past. It's like a moment lost, wisdom wasted and answers hidden. Losing connection with your ancestors is like looking at a skull with its empty sockets, fleshless cheeks and lipless grin, and realising that years before, this cranium was filled with energy, personality, ideas, thoughts and dreams. Such amazing thoughts that this person might have harboured. And gone for good. Somehow, seeing, even touching, a skull has more impact than a painting. Imagine for a second this macabre idea. Instead of the eight names of your Great Grandparents in front of you, imagine you had their eight skulls. What is the difference? Do you get my point or are you too freaked out to care? *laughing* Well, the skulls option would bring you much closer to the feeling of real people, as oppose to a few names on a family tree and a bunch of old photos. From the skulls, you'd more understand that these were physical people. People that made you. Now do you get the point? Anyway, I digress. The original 'generation gap' was due to age difference and ongoing change. This caused cultural misunderstanding. Today, it is much easier to record and save information about your Grandparents; you only have to capture their stories. And in turn, there is no excuse for you leaving any mystery for your Grandchildren. Today, Generations can be more connected, understood and useful to each other than ever before. Digilooms was founded with the following vision and mission. Mission Digilooms are in the business of helping people create and curate their Digital memories for loved ones. Vision We want to be recognised as the most trusted place for your most precious memories across generations. Purpose We want to transform society through strengthening family ties across generations Digilooms helps you create, curate and protect your most precious memories to be delivered to your chosen family members when you want. Digilooms helps you present this detail in form of LifeScripts. We encourage families to create their own Digital Time Capsule to be enjoyed in perpetuity.

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